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  • Designed for Floc formation Test in water treatment plant.
  • Uniform Stirring of up to 6 samples simultaneously
  • Variable speed 20-100 RPM
  • Heavy duty 1/20HP motor with gear train mounted on a mild steel housing
  • Supported by four rods on a bench.
  • Stainless steel stirring paddlers with Adjustable height.
  • Locking collars or stirring rods permit adjustment height of paddle height.
  • Spacing of 6” (150mm) between rod permit use up to 1000ml Beaker.

. Applications :

For Medical Institute Research Lab. & College, Water Treatment Plant


. Specifications :

UTS 1.19
UTS 1.19 A
UTS 1.19 B
UTS 1.19 C
UTS 1.19 D
1 Liter (2 Stirrer)
1 Liter (4 Stirrer)
2 Liter (2 Stirrer)
2 Liter (4 Stirrer)
2 Liter (6 Stirrer)


. Technical Parameters :

Housing Material :   CRC/ MS sheet duly powder coated
Power Consumption :  

220/230V AC supply 50Hz Single Phase

Motor :   1/20HP motor good quality
Optional :  

Digital RPM meter/ Timer/ DC-Drive for low RPM (On Request)

Illumination :   By Tube Lights (With Chock + Stirrer) Duly covered by Perspex sheet having control switch on the Equipment




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