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  • Useful for counting Bacterial mould in culture Test / Work
  • Provide uniform glaze free illumination to minimize the strain on eyes
  • Clearly defines even small colonies
  • A 100mm (4”) dia lens Covers the entire illumination field & its magnification assure high quality results
  • Counting plates with (Wo fhugel) ruling  ensures clearly differentiated & shapely defined Colonies
  • Supplied with counting plate, Plate, Lens, Counting Pen & its cover
  • Full feature digitally controlled
  • Outer casing CRC/MS sheet duly powder coated

. Applications :

Bio-Tech Research, Medical Pharmaceutical & Educational Institute


. Specifications :

UTS 1.23
UTS 1.23 A
3 Digit
4 Digit



. Technical Parameters :

Power Consumption :  

220/230V AC supply 50Hz

Housing Material :   CRC/ MS Sheet body duly Powder Coated
Duty Cycle :   Continuous
Control Panel :   Mains & Re Set Switch & Fuse




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