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  • Used for determination of combustion of heat of calorific value of the fuel & other organic material
  • Designed as per specification of Institute of Petroleum  BS 1016 standard IS No. 1350/1966
  • Supplied complete with water jacket made of Brass/ S. Steel sheet duly nickled chromium plated with bakelite Lid
  • S. Steel Bomb, Bomb Jacket, Water Colorimeter Vessel
  • Motorised heavy duty stirrer for uniform Circulation
  • Briquilt, Pellet Press heavy duty
  • Firing unit with Illuminator
  • Vibrator & Buzzer , spanners, magnified glass with nickled nichrome wire & Cotton reel
  • Gas Releasing Valve, S. Steel crucible
  • Benzoic Acid with known calorific value
  • Full feature Digital Controller & Safety device

. Applications :

Petroleum Industries /Department Coal Industries/Department Educational Institute & Research Lab.


. Technical Parameters :

Housing Material :   Brass/ S.Steel duly Nickled chromium plated water jacket S.S Vessel S.S Bomb, Water Vessel
Power Consumption :   220/ 230V AC Supply, Single Phase +- 10% 50Hz
Duty Cycle :   Continuous
Optional :  

Oxygen Cylinder




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