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UTS - WATER BATH INCUBATOR SHAKER (Metabolic Shaking Incubator)

  • Small and large capacity Bath
  • Top Dome shape cover avoid evaporation of water & make condensed water to fall back in the Bath
  • Heater element & other walled with 304 grade S. Steel for years of Life & easy of Daily clean
  • Drain Plug made of brass duly nickled on the side / Back of the Bath
  • Full feature with Digital Temp. Controller Cum Indicator or Microprocessor Based PID Temperature Controller Cum Indicator
  • Shaking speed Regulator / Shaking riding on Teflon roller.
  • Gear Motor Speed Control range from 40-180 strike per minute
  • Removable diffuser plate having lotus clamps for various of flask capacity available Capacity are :
    50ml x 12 Flask
    150ml x 9 Flask
    250ml x 6 Flask
    500ml x 4 Flask

. Applications :

For Bio-Tech, Micro Biology, Quality Control & Chemistry/ Physics Lab use.


. Specifications :

UTS 1.37
UTS 1.37 A
Capacity (L)
14 Liter
26 Liter
Heater "W" Wattage
1.5 KW
2.0 KW
Dimension mm
275 x 275 x 150
405 x 300 x 150
Shaking Tray
1 No. Select Cap.
1 No. Select Cap.
Bath Opening
S.Steel Dome Lid
S.Steel Dome Lid


. Technical Parameters :

Temperature Range :   Ambient to 95°C
Temperature Stability :   +-0.5°C or better
Housing Material :   CRC/ MS Sheet duly Powder Coated
Optional :   All S.Steel body of S.Steel 304 Grade can be made (On customer request)
Interior (Tank) :   S.Steel 304 Grade duly Sealed (Leak Proof)
Insulation :   Glasswool/ Mineral Wool
Power Consumption :   220/ 230V AC Supply 50Hz Single Phase
Digital Resolution :   0.1°C
Digital Setting :   0.1°C
Control Panel :   Digital Temp. Controller Cum Indicator, Mains Line & Load Indicator, Speed Regulator
Optional :   Digital RPM Meter
Optional :   Thermostate ie. Bi-metallic Hydraulic Thermostat instead of Digital Temperature Controller Cum Indicator (With Dial/ "L" Shape Thermometer)
Duty Cycle :   Continuous




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