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  • Useful for determination of Single & mixed melting point
  • Temperature Range is upto 360°C
  • Feature low/high Provision Energy Regulator
  • Alum. Casted body
  • Outer casing MS sheet duly painted having provision for capillary & Thermometer for testing
  • Supplied with Glass capillary
  • Optional : Glass 360°C range Thermometer

. Applications :

For PVC, Rubber Educational, Research Institute


. Specifications :

UTS 1.42
Alum Block
Wattage "W"
10 Wattage Approx.


. Technical Parameters :

Temperature Range :   Ambient to 360°C Temp. Control ER (By Energy Regulator) Interior Alim Block duly machined
Housing Material :   CRC/ MS Sheet Duly Painted
Duty Cycle :   Continuous
Power Consumption :   220/ 230V AC Supply 50 Hz Single Phase
Control Panel :   ER Mains & Heating Indicator, Mains




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