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UTS - VORTEX SHAKER ( Test Tube Shaker )

  • Vibration type variable speed genie short rapid electronic stroke motor drives
  • Neoprene cup in parts vigorous agitation to tube or small flask
  • Shaking starts when vessel is pressed against cup
  • Fitted with Vacuum Rubber at the bottom to prevent walking
  • Outer casing made of MS /CRC sheet duly to painted / Powder coated

. Applications :

For Industrial Research, Bio-Tech, Medical


. Specifications :

UTS 1.43
UTS 1.43 A
Touch On/ Off
Without Touch


. Technical Parameters :

Control Panel :   Mains, Mains Indicator, Speed Regulator
Housing Material :   CRC/ MS Sheet Duly Painted
Power Consumption :   220/ 230V AC Supply 50 Hz Single Phase
Duty Cycle :   Continuous




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