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  • Precise, Hot Air Drying
  • Better Mineral / Blanket Insulation for high Temperature & to avoid heat loss
  • Silent Hot Air Blower, Unique design of Air Circulation provide through out uniform Air movement
  • Unique design of ventilation keeps the surface of the instruments from being Burnt even when the instruments i.e. Oven Temperature maintained at 200°C
  • Polish / Hair Line 304 grade S. Steel sheet interior, long operation, corrosion resistant
  • Kanthal A-1 Super quality coil shaped & Air heater tubular model wound on side/on the back of the Oven for better accuracy
  • Full feature with Digital Temperature Controller cum Indicator having Alarm facility (On Customer request)
  • Toughened Glass view window to observe /Test the material without disturbing the Temperature condition of the chamber.
  • Working Temperature required as per IS : ASTM is 163°C+- 1°C
  • Provide with detachable metal shaft (Both for Loss on Heating / Thin Film Oven)
  • Reduction gear is fitted from outside rotated by a vertical shaft having 5-6 RPM

. Applications :

For Bitumen Testing Loss of weight, softening Paint, Penetration Loss of wt in Bitumen & Flux Oils (For Construction / Road Projects Department / Industries)


. Specifications :

UTS 1.44 Thin Film Oven
UTS 1.44 A  Loss On Heating Oven
60 Ltrs.
60 Ltrs.
16" x 16" x 16"
16" x 16" x 16"
Heater Wattage
1.5 KW
1.5 KW
No. of Plate Rotating

Dimensions are expressed in (Width x Depth x Height)


. Technical Parameters :

Control Panel :   Mains & Load Indicator Fine Temperature Controller, Digital Temperature Controller, Fan Switch, Rotating Motor, Control Switch
Temperature Range :   Ambient to +-250°C, Controlled from 60°C - 250°C
Temperature Stability :   +-1°C or better
Housing Material :   CRC/ MS Sheet Duly Powder Coated
Power Consumption :   220/ 230V AC Supply 50 Hz Single Phase
Safety Function :   Temp. Oven Shoot Alarm
Interior :   S.Steel 304 Grade Steel Sheet
Temperature Setting :   1°C
Temperature Sensitivity :   1°C
Optional :   RS 232 Communication Interface




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