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  • Precise Hot Air Drying & Sterilization & Incubation in one chamber
  • Two door i.e. one for Oven & One Incubator in single body
  • Unique design of Ventilation keeps the surface of Instruments from being burnt even when the equipment Temperature maintained at 150 /200°C
  • Polish 304 grade Stainless Steel Sheet Corrosion resistant long life having adjustable shelves to make more space for different height
  • Kanthal super quality Air Heater duly embedded on the side & bottom for accuracy
  • Best quality Bi-Metallic Hydraulic Thermostate / Full feature Temperature Controller (On Customer Request)

. Applications :

For Storage of pharmaceutical Agriculture, Sterilization Food & Medical Industries, Bio Tech requiring controlled Temperature above ambient


. Specifications :

UTS 1.45
UTS 1.45 A
Capacity (Ltrs.)
28 Ltrs.
45 Ltrs.
Interior (mm)
300 x 300 x 300 mm
350 x 350 x 350 mm
Heater Wattage "W"
For Oven 1.0 KW
For Incubator 450W
For Oven 1.0 KW
For Incubator 450W

Dimensions are expressed in (Width x Depth x Height)


. Technical Parameters :

Control Panel :   Mains & Load Indicator, Temperature Controller, Main Switch
Optional :  
  • Digital Temperature Controller Cum Indicator
  • Microprocessor Based PID Temp. Controller Cum Indicator
  • Air Circulation Fan
Temperature Range :   For Oven Ambient to 250°C +- 1°C , Controlled from 60°C - 250°C
For Incubator 70°C +- 1°C
Housing Material :   CRC/ MS Sheet Duly Powder Coated
Double Colour Gate/ Top Grill
Power Consumption :   220/ 230V AC Supply 50 Hz Single Phase
Duty Circle :   Continuous




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