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Consist of an evaporating Flask rotated by a non-sparking induction Motor in a heating water Bath. Vacuum Distillation of solvent at high and low Temperature is achieved quickly and
efficiently by use of speed controller provided. It prevents foaming an vacuum and bumping
of the liquid. Other application include vacuum drying of powders and slides. Low Temper
ature Vacuum distillation of heat sensitive compounds. The introduction tube permits continuous
feed of the liquids into evaporating flask and also distillation under Controlled atmosphere.
The evaporating Flask, Pear shaped to give a larger surface area for evaporation, is clamped to a glass duct which goes through the drive unit and protrudes 120 mm. Into the condenser. The
Condenser is screwed into the drive unit and contains a Teflon inlet feed tube at its upper end.
Condenser is fitted with Standard B-19 joint at top and spherical joint S-35 at the bottom for receiver flasks.



Drive unit with F. H. P. Motor, Speed Regulator, Working on 220Volts A. C. 50 Cycles, Single Phase.
Stand :- Heavy Cast Iron Stand with Steel Rod.
Evaporating Flask 1 Liter ( approx.) with Standard B-29 joint.
Glass Duct  All Glass connector cone with B-29, Connected Evaporating Flask and Protrudes in the condenser.
With Clip  To hold the Evaporating Flask with Glass Duct.
Condenser  Double Coil Condenser for water Circulation, fitted with Vacuum Connection and
standard S-35, ball joint for Receiving Flask with Condenser.
Receiving Flask  1 Liter Capacity with Standard S  35 Ball Joint.
Ball Joint clamp :- To hold the Receiving Flask with Condenser.
High Vacuum Cock :- Two way stop-for the feeding Tube and Vacuum Release. Feed Tube

. Models Available:

  • UTS 1.53 - Capacity 1 Liter
  • UTS 1.53A - Capacity 2 Liter
  • UTS 1.53B - Capacity 3 Liter
    Optional :-
  • Water Bath Thermostate Controlled or Digital Controlled. As per requirement.
  • Lifting Jack (Manual)
  • Vaccum Grease 


. Applications :

  • For Pharmaceutical Institute, Research Lab use






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