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Uni-Tech Sales




  • We behave in order to motivate the customer to choose UTS Equipments.
  • We concentrate on understanding the customer's concerns and needs.
    UTS's product is not simply a physical object, but includes also thee value it brings to the customer, the price, the pre and post sales service and the image the customer has of UTS.
  • Each one of us contributes to making our products.

Human Resources & Environment

  • We treat every person in our organisation with the same respect we would like him to treat our customers.
    We respect the environment and we treat it to preserve or improve its state.
  • We strive to systematically improve our personal and professional capabilities.


We communicate effectively and with specificity :

  • We listen to understand; we take the time and put in the effort to effectively listen in order to receive the message as intended by the sender.
  • We focus our communications on operating aspects, i.e. on the objective, the plan, the continuous checking and alignment, which generate results.
  • We accept constructive criticism and listen to other points of view on operating aspects.
  • We answer specific questions with specific answers.
  • We answer correspondence in 24 working hours.
  • We single-out and solve a problem that limits our performance or UTS’s results, or bring it to the attention of whoever can solve it.
  • We discuss conflicts clearly and specifically directly with the people involved in a timely manner.

House Keeping

Good house keeping does not ensure effectiveness or efficiency of the people who work in a company, but bad house keeping limits them.

  • Everybody is responsible for housekeeping in his own working enviroment and in any of the company premises.


Since cost is certain and value is probable :

  • Each one of us is aware of the value which he is expected to add through his work, of the actual value he adds during the daily operating activities, of the value of his contribution to the systematic cost reduction program of the Organisation.

Operating Results

We generate results thought :

  • The systematic and permanent use of our Strategic Management for Results Model.
  • The respect for our Operating Principles.
  • Team work.
  • Self-discipline.



Uni-Tech Sales